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App to clone windows boot partition

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    SLTos ROS - Blue Spring Game (Win8.1)

    App to clone windows boot partition

    So first some introduction: in my notebook i have 3 drives installed:
    WD Blue connected to sata iii - "download" drive
    Second WD Blue, but sata ii - "apps" drive
    1,8" SSD ADATA, connected to msata - "windows" drive

    When i was installing windows to ssd i had "download" wd and for "apps" i used old toshiba drive (now i use it as external drive) and as it was temporary drive (has some bad sectors) i put it to sata ii bay (truly i didnt think to nuch aboit it then).

    Now i would like put new wd to sata iii as its faster and as it will be "apps" drive so it should be in faster bay.
    Problem is that as ssd is msata it created boot partition on older wd ("download" one) and if i move it i got "no os found".

    So i thought about cloneing, but dont know which app should i use for it? I tried linux's gparted and minitool partition wizard to copy this partition, but still getting "no os?
    Or maybe sata ii is enough for 5400rpm drive? Is there really benefit of it?

    I left 200mb unused space at the beggining of new wd, coz i think its enough for boot partition (exisitng one has 100mb, but only ~30 used)

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    An alternative is to move the boot folder and files into an existing partition on the SSD. EasyBCD, from NeoSmart Technologies will do this easily. I did this myself when I wanted four partitions on an MBR-formatted drive and needed to do away with the boot partition to allow that.
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    SLTos ROS - Blue Spring Game (Win8.1)

    To be sure, which option should i use for this?
    BCD Backup/Repair and than Change boot drive
    or other one?

    However im not sure if it will boot, as its msata drive not sata one and as i remember its not bootable. Officially its only for cache not to install files

    And just before i do it:
    Will it wipe boot partition which now exist or will i stay with 2 (one on new drive one on old)?
    And what if i will not be able to boot? I know i can restore backup in easybcd, but for that i need bootable windows
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App to clone windows boot partition
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