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OpenOffice "recent items list" deleted. Security issue?

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    OpenOffice "recent items list" deleted. Security issue?

    I use OpenOffice version 3.4.1 on Windows 8 and recently my recent items list was cleared unexpectedly. I am concerned about this because I have sensitive information saved in OpenOffice documents and I am worried that someone accessed my computer without my knowledge, accessed one of these documents, and then cleared my recent items list. I've used OpenOffice for many years and don't remember ever seeing this list cleared, at least not without my knowledge. I haven't repaired the install, changed login accounts, or changed user settings in the AppData folder.

    I tried setting Windows Explorer to show "date accessed" for my files, but it doesn't update. I accessed a file today and Windows says that it was last accessed in 2013. Apparently that setting is enabled by default in Windows 7, but in Windows 8 you have to change a registry value to enable it. I'm gonna assume changing it after the fact is irrelevant. Does anyone else know any other options for determining if certain files have recently been accessed?

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    If it was cleared, there is not much, you can do it about it.
    Try RecentFilesView - View the list of recently opened files

    Check events log, if the computer was accessed, when you were not there.
    Start - Run - eventvwr or something simpler like LastActivityView

    For the record, you should encrypt sensitive files, like with AxCrypt
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    Any number of utilities, including ccleaner, can be set to delete: items in the run box, items in the prefetch area, items in any number of temp directories, items in the recent area, and so on. And, more and more security programs include such "erase your trail" choices.
    What is it that you have running in the background that just might accomplish the above deletions?
    [I'm going to make a poster: Uncle Sam Wants carefully ReConsider & ReCalibrate the default clicks many programs make.]
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OpenOffice "recent items list" deleted. Security issue?
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