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<program> has stopped working

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    Echo,"Processing %ScriptTitle% for %ProjectName%..."
    If,Not,ExistFile,%ProjectTemp%\HostOSTools\regedit.exe,If,Not,%SysType%,Equal,x86,Echo,"regedit.exe MAY write wrong values",WARN
    If,Not,ExistFile,%ProjectTemp%\HostOSTools\reg.exe,If,Not,%SysType%,Equal,x86,Echo,"reg.exe MAY write wrong values",WARN
    If,ExistDir,%ProjectTemp%\Config,Shellexecute,Hide,cmd.exe,"/C rd /s /q #$q%ProjectTemp%\Config#$q"
    If,ExistDir,%ProjectTemp%\Config,Echo,"ProjectTemp\Config Folder can not be deleted",Warn
    If,ExistDir,%ProjectTemp%\Config,Message,"ProjectTemp\Config Folder can not be deleted",Error
    If,ExistDir,%ProjectTemp%\Config,Halt,"ProjectTemp\Config Folder can not be deleted"
    ShellExecute,Hide,"%Tools%\%OSArch%\SetAcl.exe"," -ot #$qfile#$q -on #$q%TargetDir%#$q -actn ace -actn setprot -op #$qdacl:p_nc#$q  -ace #$qn:S-1-1-0;p:full;s:y#$q -silent"
    // AU331*
    // devcon
    // With Win8.1SE Ram and administrator account, NTUSER.DAT is used as default hive.
    // To continue working with Default %RegDefault% in project, Apps, reverse (change) hive files for %RegUser% and %RegDefault% (Already done)
    // au3 a3x association
    // RunOnceEx
    // TEST maybe not required
    // Remove Interactive User Allready done
    If,ExistDir,%ProjectTemp%\Config,Shellexecute,Hide,cmd.exe,"/C rd /s /q #$q%ProjectTemp%\Config#$q"
    If,ExistDir,%ProjectTemp%\Config,Echo,"ProjectTemp\Config Folder can not be deleted",Warn
    Yeah it could be any general syntax error..

    A Better Title would be > GEMA Program has stopped working

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    Quote Originally Posted by RolandJS View Post
    Is GEMA a German-based program? I googled and most of the links on 1st page points to something from Germany.
    gema / Wiki / Home was written by David Gray (if you wanted to try it...)
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    No, I think David Gray is American. You can see a bit more about Gema at General-purpose macro processor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, or see the main page on Sourceforge. Gema is extremely powerful for text processing, and can do some amazing things in a very small amount of code. I havre used it to create what is almost a new language for my specific domain, and to convert it into assembler code.
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    >Yeah it could be any general syntax error..

    I repeat my previous question; a syntax error where? It can't be a syntax error in the Gema source, or it would not have compiled. A syntax error in my input files is irrelevant. Gema should be able to process any input file. If it crashes with my input, that is down to a bug in Gema, it's not the fault of my input file.. What would be the use of a C compiler that crashed on every syntax error?

    >A Better Title would be > GEMA Program has stopped working

    You might think so, but I chose to call it what I called it, because I'm not looking for help from this forum on Gema (I would do that in a Gema forum, not a Windows one), but on Windows. I just want to know when Windows creates that error message, to help me find out why Gema is crashing with a stack overflow message. I just don't believe those of you who are saying this message is "unspecific", because error messages are only produced when someone writes in their code "if (condition) then print ("<program> has stopped working"). I'm just asking what this condition or these conditions are. Someone in the world must know the answer to this, even if it is only the guy in Redmond who wrote the code.

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    I just want to know when Windows creates that error message, to help me find out why Gema is crashing with a stack overflow message.
    It is a PROGRAM Stack overflow that is causing WINDOWS to popup an Generic ERROR Message..

    Windows does not know the cause of the program's error.. Windows is just telling you there was an error..
    Reason being, it is not a windows program..

    Does the PROGRAM create a .log file? If so check the program's log file for the cause of the stack overflow..

    Another thing you may want to consider is that the PROGRAM was written using Code and Syntax Structure from 1995, the Lines of code used then may have changed since then..
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    >It is a PROGRAM Stack overflow that is causing WINDOWS to popup an Generic ERROR Message..

    Yes, I understand that. When I started this thread, all that I knew was that I had an error message saying "<program> has stopped working". That is a totally unhelpful message, since I already know that (it has hung, or exited prematurely). I now know that it was due to a stack overflow, which is much more useful. I understand that tracing what is causing the stack overflow is something that I, or the guy who wrote the program, will have to do, using the source code (which I have) and a debugger.

    I guess therefore that I can mark this issue as solved. I have learned what type of problem cause the program to stop working, and I have learned how to discover this from the Windows logs. Thanks to all for that.

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<program> has stopped working
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