One of my PCs is running outlook 2010 and for some reason some (not all) pdfs are getting this error:

This file cannot be previewed because of an error with the following previewer

PDF Preview Handler

I tried to just save them to desktop rather than viewing them in outlook but then I get this error:

To open this file in its own program, double click it.

Cannot create file: Individual Credit File.pdf. Right click the folder you want to create the file in, and then click properties on the shortcut menu to check
your permissions for the folder.

The pdfs aren't corrupted as the email account is imap and is also setup on another pc and it has no problem opening those pdfs, I also forwarded the email to myself and I was able to open them.

I tried removing the account and re adding it but that made no difference.

I read that this might be some registry error but I tried a few fixes but haven't had any luck.