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Is it me or is the metro app selection absolute junk?

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    Is it me or is the metro app selection absolute junk?

    I'm not a huge app guy, I like to get and use the essentials. Email, news, browsers, weather, and work related apps.

    I can't find ANY replacement for the horrible (IMO) metro mail- I mean.... you can't even click on web links using the metro mail app. Really?

    There doesn't seem to be any browsers to replace IE Metro AND integrate with the desktop well

    My last pass app is just a chore to use. I mean a real chore.

    News apps? Forget it unless it's a major national news organization.

    Work based apps? Neither of the two I need or use are anywhere to be found.

    It seems the entire app store is loaded with junk apps that are useless.

    So, I ask, what is the deal with the Windows 8 apps or lack of?

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    Mail App alternatives - You can use Windows Live Mail a Desktop Application, part of the Windows Essentials package from MS.
    Windows Essentials - Download Windows Live Essentials
    Some people like Thunderbird from Mozilla.

    I use IE 11 and Google Chrome Web Browsers, the desktop versions, can't see much purpose in the simplified App variations.
    Personally I have very little use for Apps at all, the only Live Tile is a Weather App. The first Tiles on my Start Screen are a Desktop Applications group, the Apps are slowly shifting off right.

    There is a small proportion of people who do actually prefer using the simple Windows Apps. Windows is now a hybrid OS catering to touch screen users.

    It is indeed very hard to find anything really useful amongst a load of what is largely trivial rubbishy Apps.
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    I use Outlook for the desktop. Sometimes when my laptop is fully flipped into tablet mode it's nice to just do a quick reply via a mail app.

    I really wanted to give IE a try. It seems like they've really sped it up a lot. This allows one to switch between immersive browser and desktop modes, why find useful I'll explain in a moment, But I downloaded adblock which blocks all of Google's advertising. So if I search for 'label printers Portland, OR.' Adblock blocks all the paid results. All of them. That sucks. Also, while it's blocking about the only useful adds (IMO of course) it can't seem to block the Gmail web app adds. Total disaster.

    I like to go between tablet and immersive because, yet another fault, the immersive browser allows NO addins. I really rely on Lastpass, so when in immersive /tablet mode and I need to log on to a site I have to switch to desktop mode ....because.... brace yourself..... the Lastpass app is not near sufficient enough to be used as browser even though it has the capability.


    I really like the MS account, and how it syncs One Drive and my settings across my devices. It's so dialed in that department.

    I have to laugh..... these multi-billion dollar companies with employees that have mega brains can't - not one of them - create a 100% seamless, kick butt solution to the desktop/mobile word we live in.

    Lol... blows my mind.

    Anyways..... love to hear more discussion and opinions etc etc....
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Is it me or is the metro app selection absolute junk?
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