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Why did this happen?

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    Why did this happen?

    So I use a program on my PC that always starts up in windowed mode, meaning I can use my taskbar ect while using the program since it's a window, but randomly today for some odd reason it started up in fullscreen mode, I know you can make it go fullscreen by clicked the top twice or pressing the little window icon on the top right but I didn't do either of those. It just randomly started on it's own in fullscreen.

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    Probably during one earlier session, the upper right hand corner square was clicked, full-screen mode is now default. Next time you're in that program, if you see a tiny double-square image in the upper right-hand corner, click it. That should return your program to the regular Window'd mode. I've done the above several times, so I'm used to changing fullscreen back to regular window'd screen
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    You can set default opening way in program's properties.
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Why did this happen?
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