Hello everyone.

Everytime I go to use the search feature, whether by typing inside the Start Screen or by clicking the icon inside the Charms bar, it causes several crashes and glitches across the system. For one, it crashes either the Charms bar (if searching from the Charms bar) or the Start Screen (if searching from the Start Screen) and it renders the Charms bar and Start Screen completely unavailable. Furthermore, mousing over the Start button turns it black as if I were highlighting it even if I move the mouse away from it.

The only way to fix this issue is to use Task Manager to restart explorer.exe. Attempting to use search again causes the same issues mentioned above.

Basically, this has completely prevented me from using search of any sort. I've tried using CMD to scan my system using sfc /scannow, and it reported no errors. I've also done virus scans and uninstalled recent programs, to no avail.

This problem started happening after I was messing with BIOS settings related to overclocking my CPU. However, I have removed the CMOS battery to reset these options back to the defaults in the hopes of it fixing itself, to no avail.

Is there anything I can do, short of completely reinstalling windows? And I want to avoid that since I REALLY do not want to lose my files.

Thanks for any help.