I installed OneNote 2013 to take advantage of the free offer: Get OneNote for free on all your devices

I mucked about with it - disabling the Click-to-run service and a few other things. This caused the application to fail when launched
- worse than that , neither the offline of online repair options in Control Panel -> Programs and Features (P&F) - Change OneNote / Repair were able to launch OneNote to repair it. I forget if I was able to uninstall OneNote using the normal P&F function. I don't think that worked either though.

Clicking the get online help link took me to:
Uninstall Office 2013 or Office 365 from a Windows computer

Click image for larger version
I ran the O15CTRRemove .diagcab (MS Fix it)
to completely uninstall all remnants of Office
and OneNote and then restarted my machine.
I can reinstall OneNote 2013 (or is it 2015??) and remember not to screw around with the services associated with it, even if I don't want the Click-to-run service on my machine.

I might decide to use the Modern OneNote app instead - it's a smaller footprint and has the features I need without the extra baggage the Desktop OneNote brings with it (MS Office hooks).