Hi everyone,

I've never really used Windows 8 tiles before, but I found myself in the position of wanting a way to see the time from a different place in the world. I realized that this should be the perfect use for live tiles! I mean, surely something as simple as showing the time from a different zone can't be that hard, right?

Well, it's definitely been hard trying to find a simple, good live tile that does this.

It seems like the state of such tiles is split in two - you'll find some massive apps that are bloated to the brim with features and flashy things, and typically either cost money, display ads, or are severely limited until you pay for a full version. I don't need all of that.

On the other hand, there seem to be much simpler tiles, but they just aren't any good.

Performing a search for "windows 8 world clock live tile" brings back quite a few results. Looking at one in the store named "Clock (Live tile, alarm, timer)", you'll have testimonials going like "Live tile display is broken", "Absolutely horrible!", "Memory hog", "does not work". Great.

Moving on to another called "Tile Time", you have similar comments such as "Don't upgrade !!" (it must be shareware), "Wrong time", and "Used to work, now it doesn't".

I won't bore you with a longer list as it essentially repeats like this ad infinitum.

Am I asking for too much when I want a simple, decent, free tile that shows the time from a different location?