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Why does Acronis break LibreOffice spellcheck in W8.1

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    Why does Acronis break LibreOffice spellcheck in W8.1

    This is just for information really. Perhaps the issue occurs with other disk imaging software too.

    I puzzled long and hard over what was going on here and only recently made the connection. I'm an infrequent user of Libreoffice but I noticed on a few occasions over the months that the spellchecker was broken and non functional. A bit of searching on the web revealed this to be a common issue (although no reasons are ever given as to why it breaks) and the fix is simple... you delete a specific folder and restart LibreOffice and all is fixed. The folder is this one,

    c:\users\name\AppData\Roaming\LibreOffice\4\user\extensions\ and you delete the folder marked 'bundled'

    Why does it break randomly ?

    Well it seems (and I have proved this several times now as a test) that simply restoring an Acronis disc image (a full image or an incremental) breaks the spellcheck.

    I have no idea why this happens but it is 100% repeatable on my system. There never seem to be any other issues on restoring, just LibreOffice and the broken spellchecker. I can only assume that some part of LibreOffice is held in a "transient" type file that does not get backed up and restored (I think that happens to restore points if you use those and also use Acronis).

    As mentioned earlier, this is just for information as there doesn't seem to be a fix for this... but it could happen to you

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    Acronis is supposed to create and exact image of your hard drive, why it would happen is a good question. I would suspect that something else is going on but what. Perhaps if you switched to KingSoft Office, which is superior to LibreOffice, would no cause the problem.
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    I too have no idea why it does this but I believe Acronis does 'integrate' with Windows to some extent... one reason why when a new version of Windows or Acronis appears there are bugs and problems with restores.

    I do run Acronis from within Windows rather than separately from the CD. Its just a puzzle but hopefully if others hit the same problem they will know why.
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    Just updating this thread because I have stumbled across the reason for Acronis 'breaking' Libre Office on restored disk images. The problem occurs because of the default file and folder exclusions that Acronis runs with (shown in the image) because I have found that removing these exclusions has allowed Libre Office to restore correctly. There must be some dependency somewhere when running Libre under W8.1 with a file in the excluded category not getting restored. Anyhow... fixed

    (And an added bonus, the time Acronis needs to start a backup, the 'calculating time' is drastically cut down)

    Click image for larger version
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Why does Acronis break LibreOffice spellcheck in W8.1
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