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Java Update Scheduler removed from Startup Entries?

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    Java Update Scheduler removed from Startup Entries?

    So, yesterday I updated to Java 8. Specifically Java 8u31. After the update, I noticed that the Java Update Scheduler was removed from the Start-up entries and on top of that, the process for it was killed. Booting it up this morning, the update scheduler process still isn't running

    I am not sure if anyone else is having this behaviour because I had found nothing in the documentation. I have found no Scheduled Task entry either, since before I had a similar situation with Adobe Reader except after talking on the forums I found out they shifted their Update process and start up entry to Scheduled Tasks for more controlled updates.

    I have my Java set to monthly checks, so its great the process isn't running all the damned time. At the same time, not sure if this is normal and as a result I can't receive updates because the auto update process isn't running.

    TLDR: Java Update Scheduler process missing from startup, not sure if normal. Documentation ain't saying shit.
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Java Update Scheduler removed from Startup Entries?
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