Windows 8.1 already has OneDrive but when you install office 2013 it installs its own version of OneDrive with 4 startup entries related to OneDrive, I usually have always uninstalled the extra OneDrive and just used the one that comes with Windows. After uninstalling it and rebooting I the. Disabled the 4 startup entries of OneDrive which the newly installed OneDrive had added.

Now I have been getting an error upon every reboot or shutdown that's too fast for me to write down and I can't find it I. Event viewer so I'm worried maybe because I am uninstalling the one drive that came with Office that's causibg this issue or maybe I should just uninstall it but leave he startup entries alone? The reason I used to delete them because they say something like "OneDrive sync error" and stuff related to OneDrive so I was worried it may cause conflicts with the OS built in OneDrive.

How do you guys deal with this?

it does install another Microsoft OneDrive which I see under programs and features after office has been installed. Then if I launch Autoruns I see these 3 entries:

SkyDrivePro1 (ErrorConflict)
SkyDrivePro2 (SyncInProgress)
SkyDrivePro3 (InSync)
Microsoft SkyDrive Pro Browser Helper

These entries and OneDrive also get installed on my office 2013 home and business edition

If you install office 2013 pro then u get the option to deselect components that u don't want as opposed to the stupid office 2013 365 and home and business they install everuthing

But even with the pro version after deselecting OneDrive it still adds those 4 startup entries