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Can not end task in taskmanager - network monitors

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    Can not end task in taskmanager - network monitors

    I am trying to run two network monitors in parallel - PRTG and SparrowIQ. They both run on Windows 7 fine. When running on Windows 8.1 PRTG starts up but SparrowIQ does not. However, the SparrowIQ process is in the task manager as running. When I try to close the task I do not receive any response. I have also tried to kill the task from admin cmd and admin tskmgr but nothing seems to work. The only way to kill the task is to restart the machine. Note that I am also running from an administrator account. Could this be due to a faulty driver? This was repeatable on multiple Windows 8.1 machines.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Can you disable it in Services
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Can not end task in taskmanager - network monitors
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