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Hey anyone used this program called unchecky?

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    ofcourse, but I think he was just installing it to try out the software to see whats "ad-bundled" as he stated. Agree though Count.

    installing Driver Fusion but i here it may have bundle were like add supported

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    yes i took the time to look it up, and thats correct i wanted to see what type of ad stuff it had before i took a dive into it. thanks for reply back.
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    Seems to me you are all going off on tangents here (no offence).

    Unchecky is supposed to (as I understand it) make sure that when you install Java for example you don't end up with the Ask toolbar.

    Now if the actual program to do this is (apparently) compromised with the same rubbish it is trying to prevent then it is not the way forward. There are plenty of complaints that it is.

    You could look into Ninite (to install clean versions of programs) , Chocolatey (like a Linux package manger) or wait until programs are (I hope) put in the store not just the current Metro Apps
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    yes go with ninite, I haven't personally used it but saw all the videos on youtube of it working.
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    from your favorite site i don't think they would support it if it was bad. Unchecky makes sure third party programs never make it on your machine - MajorGeeks
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    I think Unchecky is legit. My guess would be that the person who downloaded Unchecky and whose PC was malware infested aftwerwards got a bogus version from some dubious website. Unchecky has been featured in several well renown PC magazines as well as on some of my favourite PC news websites.

    If one needs such a software is another story but it does definitely not install spy- or malware. At least not in it's original version downloaded directly from the developers website.
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    If one needs such a software is another story
    -this was the point of all the worries, at-least for me, not that it might be "verified software"..

    My point was that just use sandboxie web browser.. and If I remember correctly, wasn't there something about old "parents" using this and worried about "checking" things while installing software? which what would your parents be installing anyway? for this reason all I can think is use sandboxie and tell them how it works and make sure they understand they can do anything "inside" of sandboxie like try out software etc.. but it will only be for that temporary session they have sandboxie on..
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Hey anyone used this program called unchecky?
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