Have one PC with w 7 and another with win 8.1 I upgraded to office 2010 and found from the web that MS has removed the scan form word.

OK research found these instructions that worked om win7 machine but not on my win 8 system,

Is InsertImagerScan no in windows 8.1

any advice appreciated



his option is a lot more complicated, make sure you get all the steps right and in order! When you’re done you’ll have a button on your Insert tab of the Ribbon.
  1. Open Word and go to the View Tab then click on Macros.
  2. Give the macro a name (eg. Scan)
  3. Enter the following text EXACTLY: Application.WordBasic.InsertImagerScan
  4. Save and Close the Window
  5. Right click anywhere on the Ribbon and Select “Customise the Ribbon”
  6. On the right hand pane, click on the Insert category and click New Group.
  7. Rename the Group to anything you like (eg. Scan)
  8. On the Left Hand Pane, Change the drop down box at the top to Macros then select the Macro you made in step 2-4 and click the Add button (so it appears underneath the scan group you made in Step 6.
  9. Rename it to something better like “Scan Document” and pick a pretty picture for it.
  10. Click Okay and you’re done!