As many of you know, there are moments when you are attempting to download something and there ends up being some pesky pop-up window that blocks you from obtaining the item you are after. If you have managed to figure out how to use the inspect element feature on your computer, then you are aware that there are routes around that pop-up that so annoyingly blocks you. My question is kind of along those same lines. If I have downloaded an app/software/program's install wizard and installed that app/software just to confront a similar blockade, then is there a similar tactic like using the inspect element feature or maybe even another suggested app/software/program (that doesn't have or end up similar as to what I have described) that I am able to use and to conduct an inspection on an app/software/program's install wizard's elements to remove that unwanted portion of the install? Therefore, ultimately only installing the intended downloaded app/software/program. Make sense?