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What are the 'PE components' in Macrium Reflect

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    What are the 'PE components' in Macrium Reflect

    When installing Macrium Free and clicking on 'download options' I can choose to download just the installer, or the installer and PE components.

    What are the 'PE components' and do I need them?

    I don't want to install anything I don't really need.

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    In order to create a Macrium Rescue boot USB/CD disk. You'll need to download this component. You can download this component to another drive in your PC. Run Macrium->Other Tasks->Edit Defaults->Advanced->Macrium Reflect PE files and set it to another drive.
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    The PE files are official Microsoft tools

    Windows Preinstallation Environment

    otherwise known as WinPE
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    Yes, macrium just pulls winpe.wim and a few tools from WAIK, instead of downloading the whole thing.

    You can make a vastly superior pe yourself.


    Just download the zip file, extract it preferably onto your drive, and run as admin on the command file that says runmeasadmin.

    Works for update 1 (build 17031) and newer.
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    I don't want to install anything I don't really need.
    Understand ... but you'll only need to download them once.

    MR saves them to your drive, and when MR updates come out, you can reuse the saved components to make a new Boot CD/USB.
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    Really surprised nobody wants wants full pe with explorer shell, network, sound, browser, 32 bit support, etc.

    Glad I put all that work into it.
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    SIW2, your link says item does not exist.
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    He must have removed it. I don't see it either.
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    It's too good to be lost:

    Thanx Simon

    Click image for larger version
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    It will be back, just fiddling with it .. that is a technical term, LOL.
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What are the 'PE components' in Macrium Reflect
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