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Adobe Reader: Is this normal now?

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    Adobe Reader: Is this normal now?

    Yo, I booted up my computer today, and I have a thing I do because my computer is kinda slow so I need to boot my computer twice so my AV logs update in real time (they start off in real time if the BITS service is set to manual (which Windows keeps doing after the second boot) but then Windows Updates' auto update doesn't work).

    However I looked in the logs I was able to see and noticed a mention of Adobe Reader. Open up proc explorer before I shut down the computer, saw a msi installer along with the Adobe Updater service, apparently restarted since it was at the bottom of the processes list instead of up in the process tree.

    After the reboot and everything was booted up, checked the Startup tab on my Task Mananger... Adobe Reader and Acrobat Update Manager was gone from the startup manager. I thought I broke something some how but I looked in the reliability monitor thing, and found Adobe had installed an 'Adobe Refresh Manager', couldn't find any info on that from Adobe but it seemed official (given it was an actual program by them. I already had Adobe Reader at the latest version for a few days now).

    Looking in CC-Cleaner, I noticed that the Updater had shifted from a Startup Item to a Scheduled Task. Surprised the hell out of me given how the Updater didn't say boo to me until it did that. Are other people's Adobe Acrobat/Reader Updaters now shifted from a Startup Item to a scheduled task now...?

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    Dumping Adobe Reader and using Foxit instead saved me from bunch of troubles and speed problems.
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    I had trouble with Acrobat & switched to---
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    Well I just managed to get a response on Adobe's official forums. Seems they shifted from Startup Item to Scheduled Task to make the updates more predictable along with improving startup performance... would have been nice to actually get some damned documentation on that change. >_>
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    I personally manual update Adobe reader so none of them are in my startup and task scheduler. I find that alternatives don't work well with a lot of PDF with copy protected form fill.
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    I had Acrobat Reader on my Surface Pro for a while, uninstalled it, and just use the Reader app from the Windows app store, works fine for me, as I don't edit or cut and paste anything from PDF's anyway.
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Adobe Reader: Is this normal now?
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