Hi there

There's loads of programs for comparing files or contents of files but surprisingly there isn't much around for comparing lists of subfolders within a root Folder. (Or Directory compare).

For example you might have a main folder called Movies on both Disk1 and Disk 2 -- but you want to see the differences of the SUB Folders within them (and optionally the list of files within the directory).

OK you can hack it around with a bit of messing around in EXCEL but sometimes it's worth PAYING for a piece of software.

I found ULTRACOMPARE very good (and it can also work on REMOTE directories and up to THREE at once.

Here's a little screen shot of just comparing SUB Folders within a main folder which has the same name on two drives.

Click image for larger version

It does other compares too -- but saves a mega amount of time for this type of stuff.

(There's a FREE utility called windiff but it's really fiddly and doesn't scan properly --this program works reliably !!).