Hello im posting the thread to get some help with my windows 8 store, I've run across a problem where i can't download or update anything including my windows.

I have read almost everything on the internet to try & fix it, but I cannot for some reason fix it no matter what i try.
I have cleared the cache, i've run so many kinds of trouble shooters, I have linked the licenses, I have run the scan to automatically fix errors.

Now this is a snap of what my troubleshooter gives me for the Windows Store:
Click image for larger version

This is also what my troubleshooter says for my account:
Click image for larger version
Everything works fine on my other account though, i created a seperate account & it works perfectly. So please help me, I have not refreshed my computer as I do not have the Windows 8 disc, it's not an issue to get it, but their has to be some way to fix this without the disc. Thank you