I recently began to use the Task Scheduler from the Administrative tools in the System and Security section of the Control Panel. I set up a couple of tasks, one to update my Malwarebytes, one to run Malwarebytes, and then another, after all of that should be done, to restart my computer. It does all of this on a nightly basis when I'm in bed.

It seems to be working. I need to maybe set up logs in my Malwarebytes so that I can see what's going on there. However, every morning I wake up and know that my computer has been restarted because it's sitting on the login screen.

I had set the option to work even if I wasn't logged in and it asked me for my password at the very end. However, there were no explicit options to log back in. I'm not sure if it's even possible, as it might be something that malicious programs could exploit. However, if it is possible to get it to log back in after it's done restarting, that would be ideal.

Any ideas?