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Video DVD Burner Required.

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    Video DVD Burner Required.

    Hello again everyone.

    I've just had a bit of a shock. I've made a .wmv video with WMM6 but Windows 8.1 DVDmaker will not burn it to a Video DVD like Windows 7 did. I believe this is because Microsoft will not pay for the Codec. So I need burning software to create a DVD. I have Power2Go, but unlike the one that comes with with Windows 7 for free, they want 22 to do the job - I can't really afford this.

    Is there a good free program that will do the job? I've tried DVD Flick with IMG Burn in the past, but I'm not happy with the results - Any ideas folks?

    Bye for now.

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    Ashampoo Burning Studio Fee

    l use the paid version, works good
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    Thanks. I had looked at that but couldn't download it earlier, but now it works but from another device!

    Oh well, technology eh?

    I'm giving it a go...
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    OK, tried it but it's no good, it won't work with .wmv movies.

    Oh well, there you go... keep searching I suppose..................
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    I've had a go with WinX DVD Author, but that leaves the sound out of sync.

    I have a feeling I may have to spend some money, but I don't trust companies that the product will be of a suitable quality and the old finances are stretched as it is.

    I wonder exactly how much the codec would have cost Microsoft for each device - Pennies?

    Microsoft are surely pushing people away with every new release...
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    Can't you just convert to .VOB with something like this: Download XMedia Recode - MajorGeeks and than use any CD/DVD burner
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    Quote Originally Posted by CountMike View Post
    Can't you just convert to .VOB with something like this: Download XMedia Recode - MajorGeeks and than use any CD/DVD burner
    Hi. Yes, I'd thought of that and came across XMedia, but it seems like it's comes with loads of spyware, but I'll look again, thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CountMike View Post
    Can't you just convert to .VOB with something like this: Download XMedia Recode - MajorGeeks and than use any CD/DVD burner
    OK, all done.

    I can convert the WMV to VOB with XMedia and then burn a disc with WinX DVD Author. With this method there is no slight aspect change that occurs with DVDFlick and the sound is not ever so slightly out of sync as happens if the whole process is performed by WinX and Ashampoo.

    Thanks CountMike for making me look at Xmedia again.
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    No problem, I used it before switching to "Wandershare Video Converter Ultimate" which is not a free program but has amazing capabilities. If you are going to do stuff like that extensively maybe you should look at it.
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Video DVD Burner Required.
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