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    Developing in Windows 8

    So by now I know a few things of C. So my next step is to study other programming languages. I need to get resources or recommendations on Books and Tools like compilers or IDE's.

    Here is a lit of the languages I plan so study :

    C, C#, F#, Scala, Java, Python, Lisp, C++ and D

    So I have already made my homework at Google but there's no harm in asking second opinions.
    I'm set for F# and C#. CodeBlocks doesn't appear to be available at their page. Still have to know how to setup Lisp in order to interpret some code. Basically it would be an useful thread if we get some instructions here on how to start to use one of the tool.

    I installed Xamarin IDE and got it working for D also. If I get Scala and Lisp working I will post it here.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Got Code Bloks from this link :<br><br>I'll check for virus when downloaded.
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    Got Scala working on CMD and Java too.

    Very easy to get it on the command. Here's the link :Getting Started | The Scala Programming Language

    Same procedure in Java, compiling is done with "javac" and run with the name of the class file.

    The problm wa that Netbeans is not working well so I'll head to Netbean forums to get help there.

    The only one to get working is "Lisp"

    Anyone can sak help to me here if needed. Have a nice day.
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    Welcome to the wonderful world of coding

    As a "rookie", yes check-out the various languages and compare the differences... it's a good way to get accustomed to the different way each utilises commands/objects etc... Just remember you must master the basics that is applicable to all progamming in general - from the type definitions to objects particularly, OOP.

    Frameworks do a lot of the "dirty" work that we had to do manually before - particularly regarding memory management - which is a very important aspect of coding and still needs to be understood well - thus C is a good basis to start.

    Best of luck.
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Developing in Windows 8
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