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Intel XTU CPU app..

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    Windows 8.1 (HOME not Pro) 64bit

    Intel XTU CPU app..

    Anybody used this Intel XTU app?? supposedly you can change voltage settings and multiplier clock settings for your cores on the cpu..

    I know you have to be very careful.. I was thinking of undervolting etc..

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    Much better to do it thru BIOS.
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    I never used that, but might give it a try !

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    Windows 8.1 (HOME not Pro) 64bit

    Count, Unfortunately (didn't know before i bought it..) but I have a Lenovo Laptop with a i7(4700mq) it gets hot.. and Lenovo, being so amazing.. locked their bois and i can only change a very few almost nothing settings in my bios.. like boot disk and reset bios settings.. I can't change anything else.. no memory settings, no cpu clock settings nothing.. I dont know how to take a picture of my bios while in there.. i guess i could externally take a pic from my ipad to the screen..

    The computer also has throttle stopping to stop overheating and it causes this machine to be pointless when doing anything to make full use of this cpu and graphics card..(nvidia 2gig 755m)

    its pointless to make a laptop for games/media when the computer limits itself to lower than the normal hardware can handle..

    anyway in an effort to alleviate this, i'm trying to undervolt to stop the heating from kicking in the Lenovo-based hindering on my system..

    edit* - oh and Vrosa, where did you get that picture from in your avatar user space?

    apparently many users with lenovo and this laptop i have, (y410p) have the same issue and are trying to work around the heating issue as it hampers the system so much..

    to make matters even more amazing, Lenovo has put a control on the fan so you can't even use speedfan or programs to control the fan to tell it to cool the system!! OH lenovo how I love thee..

    so i've reverted to things like literally pulling out (brown) wire of the connection of the motherboard to the fan to make it run at full speed all the time (ofcourse it's a little loud and probably bad on the fan) and now Intel XTU for undervolting..

    can you believe this laptop is even capable of doing SLI video cards?? and with the restrictions Lenovo put on the bios imagine what 2 video cards would do to the heat restriction this computer has and what the speed would reduce to when those 2 cards rev'd up?
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    Bassfacer22, all I can say is that really sucks, hope you figure something out to make it perform better.

    Have you looked for modded BIOS? I had to use one on a previous machine and it fixed my issue and worked great.
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    I was going to ask if it was a Lenovo laptop. By what I run in, those are most troublesome with heat problem. I usually do not like repairing laptops and do it only when i have to. I think they are overused as a replacement for desktops, they have their place as portable machines of relatively good performance (comparing to tablets) but use of names and designations of components are misleading. An I7 processor for desktop and laptop is not the same one even if designation shows it. Processors for laptops are optimized for low power consumption and way less heat so they can't have as much computing power as desktop counterparts. In addition, BIOS for them is generally poor so you can't push components past their thermal and power consumption limits. That "Gaming" moniker to laptops and even desktop computers looks just like a gimmick, all of them could be used for gaming but which games ? Manufacturers of "gaming" computers don't tell you that, do they ?
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    Windows 8.1 (HOME not Pro) 64bit

    Hey count,

    just thought I'd come back and relay to anyone else that may run into this..

    Solution : ASUS Gaming Laptop.. I paid about $1000 for a fricken laptop by the way.. and if i Pay that with asus i can get an Asus laptop that isn't restricted by the maker with better hardware and support..
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Intel XTU CPU app..
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