I am developing a WinRT app under Windows 8. (I do NOT have, nor am I targeting, Win 8.1.)

I'm looking for PDF libraries/components that I can use in my app to render pdfs in-app, without the users requiring to switch to a different app (like Adobe Reader) to view pdfs.

I know there are a few components (as covered in this nice post: blogs.msdn.com/b/paulwhit/archive/2013/02/15/pdf-view-components-for-windows-store-apps-winrt-xaml-c.aspx) but they target Win 8.1 rather than Win 8.

Can you please help me find a pdf library for Win 8? I'm right now looking at a C#/XAML application, but if it comes to that, I can switch to Javascript/HTML5 if I can find a library in that flavor.

Thanks for your time!