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apps close before they can sign in

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    apps close before they can sign in


    downloaded ms apps solitare and suduku but when i try to open them they get to the open page but before w8 can sign in the screen reverts to desktop mode. How do i prevent this please.

    tried fresh downloads, reboots, microsoft apps repair tool, SFC SCANNOW,and DISM [WHICH FIX ONE PROBLEM IN "STORE"] 3rd party apps ok just MS ones.

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    You have it configured to boot to desktop I take it?

    What AV are you running? It may be blocking sign in to Xbox account.
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    I have checked my norton it is set to allow, even had norton support double check that norton is not blocking it in any way.

    still lost.
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    You've performed everything I know to do. A stab in the dark. Try these. There may be other tutorials listed at the end of them that may help as well.

    Store - Re-register in Windows 8 and 8.1

    Store Cache - Clear in Windows 8
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    still no joy syn apps done, cleared apps catch. its only microsoft apps that still on logging in and revert back to desktop.
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    Everything look good in your Xbox account online? Can you open other Store apps, especially the Store app itself? Obviously you did if you installed the game apps. Just making sure.
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    Using the correct Xbox password?
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    I can access store and download apps ok even reinstalled them several times, just cannot get passed the sign in the screen reverts back to desktop before the sign in completes, third party apps ok just MS ones.
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    Please answer all the questions in order to help you.

    Just the 2 Xbox Solitare and Suduku game ones you're having problems with, correct? Do you have an Xbox account? If so, does everything look ok in that account?

    What type of account are you using within 8.1?

    I sign into my 8.1 with my MS/Live account. It will automatically sign me into Xbox when opening a game app. Same thing on my Lumia Windows phone.
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    when i open an app it auto signs in, do not know how to change that, downloaded some other ms apps but all MS apps the same problem, 3rd party ones are ok.
    I dont sign in. the apps allocated me a user name when i first visited the apps page and auto signed me in ever since.
    could changing the apps user name fix the problem? no idea how to do it. do not have an xbox just a laptop.
    when i first got the laptop registered w8 with an email during set up.
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apps close before they can sign in
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