Dear All,

I have an Acer Switch 10 (with keyboard). Recently the headphones weren't working so I shut down the system (and used my laptop). When i was ready to use it again, i started it up and all the apps have disappeared. I read some posts about this: "only desktop with recycle bin and black background". Mine also says on start up that it would like to download the apps from the app store but is having connection problems. The system is, however, connected to the internet. It then says:

C:/windows\system32\config\systemprofile\Desktop is unavailable.

and (unhelpfully) tells me that to check why win could not connect, I could check the System Event Notification Service (which of course I cannot find, since there is nothing to find)

All the other posts I have seen seem to involve an update prior to the apps disappearing. I have not done an update, simply turned it off.

Can anyone help?