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How do you bookmark a part of a word doc?

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    How do you bookmark a part of a word doc?

    When I am inking in microsoft word or onenote or powerpoint or a pdf in foxitreader, I often want to mark a lecture slide or problem set solution so I can quickly find it later to ask a professor or TA.

    What is the best way to do this when your laptop is in tablet mode?

    I use a wacom pen if that helps. I have tried writing "ASK HELP" and hoping that the programs would recognize my handwriting and make it control -F able but that hasn't worked.

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    Search changed quite a bit in Word 2007 where the function changed to Windows instead of Word or Office. Unfortunately, you did not tell us what version.
    control -F able
    It is almost scary but I understand that.

    The only way you can make it control -F able, that I know of, is to have something unique in that section to search for and I'm not sure of what that might be that would not be out-of-place in your document. You could highlight or change the font color so you could easily scroll through and spot it. Special characters may work for you.

    You might also look into Indexing your document so you have an Index table in the beginning of your doc that has links to sections being indexed. It has been many years since I have done that, so you may have to do some research but you can start with Create an index and update an index - Word and Creating an Index of a Word 2007 Document - For Dummies.
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    Word and onenote 2013

    How about let's say you don't care if it is control F able

    You just want to be able to find a spot in your document or onenote file as fast as possible.

    You've got a worksheet with a problem and you have scribbled on it in onenote and now you want to find that spot to ask the TA some questions. How do you do that?

    What about when you cannot use a keyboard?

    In real life, you can put stickies to find things in packs of papers.
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How do you bookmark a part of a word doc?
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