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How to integrate Win8.1 Calendar and Email or alternatives

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    How to integrate Win8.1 Calendar and Email or alternatives

    Looking for a solution to carry out a simple process (in principle, anyway);
    Taking any particular day on the calendar app and 'lifting' the detail into the email app, either directly into an email to send, or to copy/paste in some way into an email. It would need to be all of the 'detail' in the title of the appointment, and not necessarily the detail in the appointments (although that would be nice). Something like;
    Thurs 16 Oct 2014:
    1.00 - 2.00 Lunch with Fred
    2.30 - 3.00 First review meeting: Mr B, 8 Somewhere St, London, England, +207 444 666
    2.30 - 3.00 Second review meeting: Mrs C, Old Rectory, London, England, +207 444 777
    6.00 - 7.00 Dinner at Chez Vous

    I appreciate that this can be done through Outlook but having purchased a Lenovo tablet with full windows 8.1, I didn't want to incur the same cost again in purchasing Outlook 2013 just for this seemingly straightforward task.
    I'm really just looking to take a snap-shot of my calendar and drop it into an email.
    There may be better calendar apps out there than the windows 8.1 calendar app that can do this and I'm not averse to using something else. It's the how to lift detail into an email that I'm struggling with.
    Any help, advice, alternative solutions, would be hugely appreciated.
    Thank you!

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    You may want to check out Thunderbird, It always had a Calender module, though I'm not sure how much native integration it has with Windows 8 I't always been pretty flexible - and it's totally free of course
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    Hey Barman58. Thanks for the quick response.
    I suppose I was after a quick solution with the mail and calendar apps that are pre-installed with Win 8.1. It seems crazy that MS haven't seen it fit to integrate the two already, which leaves users with the only option to go to 3rd party apps.
    I will definitely take a look at Thunderbird as it has good ratings along with any other apps that come up in this thread. Thanks again.
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How to integrate Win8.1 Calendar and Email or alternatives
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