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Photos re-appearing

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    Photos re-appearing

    I have a Lenovo Windows 8.1 laptop, fairly new received as a 70th borthday present in August.

    Part of the main screen is a photo app which rolls through the photographs I have in the Pictures section. This is fine however some photos I uploaded to the lap top I deleted. Either the quality was not good or duplicates.

    I even as suggested on another forum deleted all in the recycle bin and rebooted. Despite doing all this the photos still show up in the rolling photo app. This is quite frustrating. I cannot figure out how to deal with this.

    I would appreciate your help,

    Many thanks

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    Did you right click them & select Delete ?

    A picture---

    Click image for larger version
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    Those are just thumbnails that are cached as the Photo apps monitors additions/deletes from your photo library. The deleted photos will eventually disappear. Not sure how long it is set for, but there is no way to reset the interval.

    However, you can turn it off or change the pictures that it is displaying. Just right-click to turn off the live Tile.

    To change which pictures show up, go to File Manager and right-click on your Pictures directory under Libraries, you'll get a dialogue box where you can set the source of the Live Tile. It can be any number of directories or even include Social Media updates like Facebook. Be aware that this affects your default Pictures library settings for other apps as well.

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    Hi despite closing the rolling pictures for a while. When reinstating the long deleted pictires are still there.

    I did as you suggest above and right-clicked on the Pictures section but in Pictures Properties there was nothing similar you your version ie Library in there. Am I missing something.
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Photos re-appearing
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