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Will apps make or break windows 8?

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    I am afraid that Windows 8 seems to break many of the Taboos that Windows OS versions have created over the years. The taboo about switching off your machine, and the conflict with "closing down properly" is hard for many. So is "task switching" and having "too many windows open" because your machine will run out of resources and grind to a halt and BSOD. Even the BSOD is seen as a failure, whereas it is really a safety mechanism to prevent your PC from damaging itself.
    What would suit many people would be the return of "Clippit", to reassure them that it's OK:

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    Omg, I literally laughed out loud when I saw this.

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    Tablet user here: I actually disagree about this. The drag to close is responsive and you can do it anywhere along the top of the screen. That means that you can just do one sloppy swipe and not have to do any hunting and pecking. I like it.
    that's nice on a tablet, but for a PC it's an idiot choice from Microsoft, they gone pay the price
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    Another "Politician's Fallacy"

    When Ubuntu moved the window control buttons to the left, one of the most popular searches was "How do I move the window control buttons back to the right?"

    Politician's Fallacy
    As is common with fallacious undistributed middle arguments, it can also be seen as the fallacy of affirming the consequent when restated as an equivalent hypothetical syllogism:

    1. To improve things, things must change.
    2. We are changing things.
    3. Therefore, we are improving things.

    Politician's syllogism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Will apps make or break windows 8?
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