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    Can someone explain to me why you purchase MS Office, when Open Office does the same thing for free? I must be missing something.

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    The same reason people purchase Windows when Linux does the same for free.

    Or maybe the same reason people pay something like a dollar to text for the favorite American Idol lol.
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    Not a bad point. But windows plays dynamite games that Linux can't play, and Windows will work with most modern printers and other peripherals.
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    On the business side, they want uniformity, they start with MS Office years ago and they continue with it, they don’t want to mix. Some peoples at home use Office at work and want the same thing at home. For now OpenOffice lost popularity, now it’s LibreOffice . But you have another alternative, Google Apps, It’s as the advantage of been 100% in Google servers, so whatever you are you can access your works without installing something. Since you log to your Gmail account your Chrome favorites fallow you too. A Business with less than 10 users can use Google Apps Email for free, it’s a replacement to exchange and you can use your domain name. But many don’t like the idea of keeping their data on the cloud.
    Now changing OS is a different story, as long as you will need the terminal in Linux to accomplish thing, common peoples will not use it. But I believe in business managed by IT, it will be easy to use Linux as the employee don’t have the permission to install things in their PC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vince53 View Post
    Not a bad point. But windows plays dynamite games that Linux can't play, and Windows will work with most modern printers and other peripherals.
    Linux could too --it's a question of resources and time.

    The achilles heel of Linux is "What is Linux" -- so many distributions, methods of applying software etc etc.

    Every Windows system on the planet is essentially the same in spite of really differeing hardware and applications.

    Linux is essentially a NIGHTMARE for business to deploy it on their workstations - especially --it might be just me getting older but the skill set today of a lot of people who USE computers (am not considering the IT Service people) seem to be to be getting less and less with each passing generation.

    Letting people like these loose on a Linux system IMO would just cost everybody too much time and frustration

    For SERVERS it's another matter and there are only a few really BIG players in this market so businesses can use these quite safely ( people like Red Hat etc).

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    I used OpenOffice for awhile and liked it but is was missing some of the intregrated features of MS Office, I do use foxit reader instead of adobe though, just for a .pdf reader it's great.
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    Office 2010 is *MUCH* better than OpenOffice / LibreOffice in my opinion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vince53 View Post
    Can someone explain to me why you purchase MS Office, when Open Office does the same thing for free? I must be missing something.
    Actually ... it doesn't -- do the same thing.

    A prime example (one that is mentioned DAILY in the Ubuntu forums) is that OOO (and its replacement LibreOffice) do a very poor job of handling .docx files. This is especially bad since that format is the DEFAULT for saving MS Word docs in Office 2007 and Office 2010.

    Additionally, MS Office includes lots of apps other than a word processor and spreadsheet. The whole family includes stuff like MS Access (for which there is no Linux equivalent -- again, discussed at length on the Ubuntu forums), PowerPoint (which will not work in Linux, even with Wine and its variants), Publisher, InfoPath, Groove, Publisher -- and Visio.

    Plus, in probably MOST cases, folks need full compabitility with the Office product they use at work -- and that pretty much requires that you use MS Office.

    And finally, it's not uncommon for companies that use MS Office at work to make the full product available to their employees for very little money. My company sent me a DVD of Office 2010 Pro Plus for $20 S&H -- a LOT less than the regular retail price.
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    Open Office / Libre Office both have presentation and database components.
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    Well, you've answered my questions. My first computer ran Windows 3.11. It included a great CD, "MS Works for Windows 3.1" It ran faster than Office or any other word processor, but it won't run on my 64 bit computer.
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