Sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find something similar with a quick search at the forum. I have this annoying issue with Media Player Classic Home Cinema version I start playing a video and I can watch it from start to end without any problem. If I pause the video and go away from the computer, the screensaver activates. When I return and move the mouse to exit the screensaver, the Media Player Classic window becomes black and the video resumes playing only audio with a black window. Switching between window and full screen doesn't change anything, the only way to continue watching is to close the file and open it again. The same issue occurs also when loading another application that uses DirectX (eg Nero Video) or another media player. In case that it matters, I have selected Video Mixing Renderer 9 (renderless) as the rendering device, the VMR 9 Mixer Mode checkbox is checked, other boxes are unchecked, surface is set to 3D surfaces (recommended) and Resizer to Bilinear to save resources when watching HD video. Should I change anything to avoid this issue? I would prefer not to change the rendering device.

Any help appreciated, thanks!