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Best Windows 8 Start Button Replacement?

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    Best Windows 8 Start Button Replacement?

    Hey guys,

    Well I absolutly hate that the start button is gone. Nothing is faster than pushing the windows key and then typing something to find it in your comp.

    I saw some 3rd party programs that bring back the start button but the one that I installed (cant remember the name) was somewhat slow and too a while to load. What is the best start button replacement you guys have found?

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    "Best" is going to be a very personal selection -- based more on what each person wants, than features the replacement provides.

    I've seen several ...

    Stardock's Start8 uses the built-in Win8 feature to display a metro screen containing all the apps. While a start button replacement, it's not a Win7-like replacement.

    Of these latter types, the one I like the most (so far) is ViStart for Win8. It gives me a Start panel that is very much like the one in Win7.

    A similar one is StartMenu Win7 v4.22. From the screenshot I saw of this, it supported transparency quite well -- which my old Tablet PC doesn't support, which is why I like it less than ViStart.

    But, like I said, these are going to be very subjective choices.
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    Which one loads fastest and works seamlessly with the OS?
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    None. I do not miss the Start Menu, so do not want one. So I guess the answer is there is no best one.

    I have tried and heard of at least 3 different ones all of which caused other problems to a point that the OS had to be reinstalled. Look at the many suggestions to customize the desktop without the Start Menu. I do not miss the Start Menu.
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    Classic Shell Menu - Ivo just posted the new version.

    Classic Shell for Windows 8

    It is excellent.

    No need for multiple toolbars and other twaddle - you can customize this to include anything you want as a link, or a menu.

    All neatlty available via a start button on the left edge of the taskbar.
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Best Windows 8 Start Button Replacement?
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