As the title says, you can regain exchange active sync to Google services and make your calendar, contacts and mail tiles work again with 2 way sync on Google calendar and contacts.

Its not free but i rather pay the 30 bucks a year for this service and regain the integrated sync features to Google that they killed making the calendar tile useless. I think this even works with Outlook 2013 after setting up an exchange account.

The service is not new and its called Nueva Sync. You may try the service for 10 days and the premium subscription costs 30 bucks a year. It acts as an exchange server "bridge" between Google services and Windows 8 or even old nokia phones or any other smartphone with exchange capabilities.

Go to and choose the free trial. Then choose Windows Phone and then choose email, contacts, calendar and tasks.

Setting up these items one at the time will ask you to give nuevasync access on your Google mail/contacts/calendar/tasks.

Then on Windows 8 you just need to setup an exchange active sync account on the mail tile, enter the nuevasync server details and voila.

Full 2 way sync of mail, contacts, calendar and tasks just like it was when Windows 8 was launched and before Google killed exchange active sync support for consumer user.