I'm new here and just joined this forum for about couple of hours now and it really helped me. So THANK YOU guys! Now the fun part which unfortunately is a very VERY long story and please bear with me.

I just came across the most frustrating problem ever. My laptop was shipped with Windows 8 x64. And I upgraded to Windows 8.1 through Windows Store. Now after a few months, I planned to reset my PC because I want to start over again. So I go to Settings, Update and Recovery and Reset PC. I chose "Only where Windows is installed" and it rebooted and go through an option where I can reset, refresh, change firmware PC settings and thingy. So I chose again "reset my PC" and entered my password and clicked continue. And it failed showing "The required partition is missing" which is weird because when I checked at Disk Management, I have several partitions which I didn't and NEVER touched with anything. So I thought I was okay. So I downloaded ASUS Backtracker and clicked "Restore my PC" and it led me back to Update and Recovery and I followed the same procedure again but this time, I chose "Refresh my PC" and one of them showed "Go to Windows Store to install Windows 8.1 and your apps" or something. So I clicked continue and again it failed. So using ASUS Backtracker, it backed up my recovery partition to my external flash drive and it was a success. Now I booted to ASUS Backtracker and it says "Initializing Hard Drive/s" and it progressed and said "Copying Image Recovery" or something. Now the fun part: IT FAILED. and when I rebooted, the boot path in the BIOS DISSAPEARED! And Now it keep on saying "Select proper boot device or boot image and press a key" blah blah blah. Now I have a paperweight in my room. I tried swapping my drives and installed Windows 7. (So basically, my old drive is left untouched again) When I open my recovery flash drive, I have this folders like Boot, RecoveryImage. All of them are almost 10GB. I tried booting to my Windows 8 Flash Drive but it just wont boot. Any ideas how do I fix it? And is my old HDD dead? Coz I don't want to lose my files that are worth almost 80GB.

UPDATE: So suing my Windows 7 DVD, I tried to see if my partitions are intact. So the good news is I still have all my partitions intact. From my EFI to Recovery Partition. But there's additional partition which names RESTORE" which I have no idea and I didn't changed a single thing in my drive. the bad news is, my C and D drives are empty. So I just can't install any OS yet because it will render my recovery partition useless and my Windows 8 License will also be gone. It shipped with Windows 8 Single Language which is pretty hard to find here in my location. I hope this info helps. And thank you very much for your assistance.