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    Classic Shell for Windows 8

    Hi, everybody

    The latest version of Classic Shell supports Windows 8 Consumer Preview. The new features are:

    • A customizable start button. You can pick from Classic, Aero and Metro styles, or select your own image. Unlike Start8 and ViStart, this is a real start button. It can extend beyond the taskbar, and works well for any taskbar position, even in auto-hide mode.
    • A new Metro skin for the start menu. For people who like Metro, but not the start screen.
    • All settings are updated to reflect the changes to Windows 8. For example the status bar settings are gone, because the status bar in Win8ís Explorer canít be customized.
    • The check for new version is more responsive and can be disabled during installation.

    Download it from here:

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails metro skin.png  

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    thanks works great
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    Thanks! It does work great and I love the familiarity. I just un-installed Visistart
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    Thanks, I will have a look.

    Another one that that works well is Start Menu 7

    I am not keen on Vistart - perhaps the developer will improve it.

    Strange posts atm

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    Now if I controlled MS, I would see this and say "Users are gonna do it anyhow. Let's make it native."
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    Quote Originally Posted by GMan View Post
    Now if I controlled MS, I would see this and say "Users are gonna do it anyhow. Let's make it native."
    I suspect that if you (or I) controlled MS, we wouldn't have removed the functions in the first place.
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    I just had a look at Classic Menu.

    The trouble with it - you can't add custom items.

    Unless I missed that option?

    Start menu 7 allows you to add or remove any item you want to the menu.

    I want several items in there - e.g. Computer as a link, Recent Items as a link, Downloads as a link.

    Can't see how to do that with Classic start menu.

    Like this:

    Click image for larger version
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    Of course you can add custom items. Go to the "Customize Start Menu" tab in the settings (if you don't see it, click on All Settings at the bottom). Then use drag/drop to assemble or rearrange your menu. Double-click on an item to customize it even further - change icon, look, behavior.

    Look here for possible customizations: Classic Shell: Gallery
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    Great - how do I add these items to the menu as links - like the screenshot above?

    Computer as a link, Recent Items as a link, Downloads as a link.

    It is not obvious to me how to do that.
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    Scroll all the way to the bottom in the right column.
    Grab the "Custom Command" item and drag it into the menu where you want the Computer item to be.
    Double-click on the new item.
    Use the Link dropdown to select Computer (it is the second item in the list).
    This will make an expandable menu for Computer. If you want it to be just a link and not expandable, select the "Don't Expand" checkbox.
    Repeat for Recent Items and Downloads.
    Note: "Recent Items" is not in the dropdown. You will need to paste the text "%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent"
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Classic Shell for Windows 8
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