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    Quote Originally Posted by NiFu View Post
    Hello Ivo,
    is it possible you add a switch to disable hot corners on desktop only and leave the hot corners activated on Metro startmenu and Metro apps ?
    Classic Shell does not affect the hot corners in Metro. If yours don't work, you may have disabled them some other way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivo View Post
    Classic Shell does not affect the hot corners in Metro.
    Thank you - it works as you say. I thought in earlier version "disabling hot corners" disables also hot corners in Metro - or I have disabled them some other way (like you say).
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    I am using a touchpad and was getting charms showing on Desktop applications randomly. This solved it:
    Quote Originally Posted by Ivo View Post
    Look in the Control Panel or the Device Manager for settings that you can tweak. The must be a way to disable gestures.
    Since I don't use the Start screen at all, I disabled the touchpad edgeswipe properties, and that seems to have fixed it. Thanks!
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    Great to hear there's now support for Windows 8.1, even if it's beta. I've been worried about having to ignore the update in October because of MS' new bad idea of a start menu replacement. Classic shell is one of the most important apps for me as it makes the Windows 8 experience almost perfect. I love everything with Windows 8 in desktop mode except the lack of a start menu and classic shell was a life saver when I made the jump from Windows 7. Love being able to have a minimalist one column xp style start menu. Great job!
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    Thanks for this! Great for Windows 8
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    The new beta version 3.9.1 is out. It has many new features and improvements:
    Classic Shell • View topic - Classic Shell 3.9.1 beta is released
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    The Classic Shell 3.9.5 release candidate is out. It is fully compatible with Windows 8.1 RTM. Read more about it here: Classic Shell • View topic - Classic Shell 3.9.5 RC is released
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    Downloaded it this morning, works great!
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    Thanks its working great. I have been looking for a long time
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    Classic Shell 4.0 released.

    Version 4.0.0 general release (Oct, 5 2013):
    New "Windows 7" menu style that replicates the look and feel of the Windows 7 start menu
    the programs show in a tree inside the main menu
    search results and jump lists show inside the main menu
    dedicated shutdown button
    the unparalleled customizability you've come to expect from Classic Shell
    You can search for files as well as programs, using the Windows Search
    The menu can show the most frequently used programs
    Programs can be pinned directly from Explorer
    New programs are automatically highlighted in the menu
    The list of Classic Shell settings can be searched to easily find the setting you need
    New more reliable way to start on Windows 8, that doesn't use a service
    The start menu can use the native Windows 8.1 start button
    New status bar for Explorer that shows the total size of the selected files and the free disk space
    Improved support for downloading and installing language files
    Many improvements to performance and responsiveness
    Classic Shell

    Newer Windows 7 style skin looks a lot better now.
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Classic Shell for Windows 8
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