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Please help! Searched the internet, and could not find reliable results.

I am helping a friend set up Google Drive for his small business. He has the free version of Google Apps for Business (his webmaster had the foresight to sign the domain up in time, but they never set it up back then).

The Google Drive system tray icon keeps disappearing. It is still busy doing the first major sync of all the files we put in there (12GB's on a 1MB line), but it disappears every hour or so. We know the overall sync will take days to complete.

Does that mean synchronising has stopped?

How can I stop this from happening? My friend and I are becoming very irate, though would like to keep the other benefits of Google Apps (Google Sheets, 3rd party apps, etc).

We have tried setting the Google Drive folder to show hidden content (as per one of the internet suggestions).

Rebooting the PC or relaunching Google Drive from the 'search everywhere' pane brings it back, but then the same problem occurs.

My friend is using Windows 8.

Thank you for any help.