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Desperately searching for this application

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    Desperately searching for this application

    Okay, so let me explain - I've been searching desperately for a program like this because I know it must be out there somewhere, and it needs to be coded quickly, if not.

    What if there was a program that allowed websites to display as Metro applications? For example, on Windows 7 I use Grooveshark and gMail as "standalone" programs, that I've created in a Chrome wrapper. Obviously, this doesn't work on Windows 8 as these would show up as desktop applications. I want to view these web pages as Metro applications, full screen, that would show up as applications in the task switcher, not as tabs in Metro IE. This would be a simple way to add web apps as actual "apps" - it'd be great if it could even be a feature of Windows 8 when it ships.

    Integration with an addon like Stylish could be an added bonus - then we could remove stuff like the navigation bar in gMail in order to truly make the web page look like an "app." Heck, one could even use stylish to mess with the CSS of a web app in order to have it look more like Metro. The possibilities are exciting.

    So, if this program doesn't exist shouldn't be too hard to code...right? Win8 uses web technologies, how hard can it be to wrap a basic browser around a link and have it show up as a standalone application? With time, more features could be added to the app that creates these web app tiles. For example, it could create a loading screen while the web page loads, like the real Win8 applications have, with a big icon and title, so we don't have to see a blank page while the web page loads.

    Seems to me this would be a fairly easily done project and one that would have a lot of use for Windows 8 users - anyone interested in pursuing this with me?


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    What if there was a program that allowed websites to display as Metro applications?
    Can't help you with that - I have no use for metro.

    Hopefully this will encourage someone who likes that kind of thing to have a look.
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    A lot of people seem to have no use for Metro. I like the look, myself, and I'm trying to use Win8 as my primary OS just to see how well it translates to real work. That's where this comes in - some way to replace Google Gears.

    That's what I'm hoping.
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    People who use traditional PC's with keyboards and a mouse will most likely use the Desktop most of the time. I know I spend 99% of my time on the desktop. I am using Win 8 CP 100 % of the time for now. My Win 7 Ultimate is very lonely right now. To get work done with a keyboard and mouse you must use apps that work and for now that's not Metro apps. Perhaps when the RTM is released this fall. I believe the Metro apps are geared almost exclusively toward touch and tablets, not traditional desktops and laptops.
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    I've been using Win8 100% of the time also and I've probably been spending 90% of my time in the desktop. And what I'm proposing would not be to create a "true" Metro application, but just a wrapper for an ordinary web app, but would have a few metro qualities such as showing up on Win+Tab, etc.
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    Going back to your OP. Like others here, I am sure,. I am participating in "Expression" on connect. I did suggest, a while ago, in the feedback, that if at all possible, Microsoft could make a major advancement in the web writing market, by incorporating a facility within Expression, to compose Metro applications.
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    The Windows Azure platform is basically the Windows App development tool. Part of the Visual Studio, it uses ASP.NET to build scripts in an Integrated Development Environment - you basically arrange modular components on a server page, add a small amount of code to achieve the functionality you require, prettify it, and compile it. It is then sent to the cloud and published. Past the initial trial period there are charges involved and you rent the cloud space and time. If you charge for the app, MS takes a cut.

    I placed links here:
    Continuing problem of understanding apps !
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    Might not be as trivial as you think ...

    Don't personally have the interest, but you might want to check out the article below for more info:

    Microsoft launches site to convert iPad apps for Windows 8 Metro -
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Desperately searching for this application
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