I have a new Toshiba laptop running Windows 8.1. and an I5 CPU with 6gb ram. HD is gpt format and uefi bios.

I using the traditional desktop but when I got to the tiles and scroll over to MAPS tile or Microsoft Solitaire tile (btw the tile that asked me to register and account with Microsoft so I could d/l and install solitaire has disappeared)the app will flash up on my traditional desktop screen and then disappear! I can see an icon down on the taskbar and when I click on the icon I get the same thing, a short flash/splash screen of the app and then nothing!

It seems as though most items on the TILE screen will execute ONLY for a few secs~SPLASH SCREEN~ of the app and then POOF GONE except for the icon on the taskbar.

This all occurred after I removed a lot of spyware(86 intrusions found using Malwarebytes) and viruses(242 infections found using Eset Smart Security 7). The laptop now scans clean for both spyware and Virii but the "Disappearing ACT" persists!

If I click on a IE or Chrome or Mozilla Firefox icon pinned to the taskbar on the traditional desktop, they execute fine. (no 3 sec splash and disappearing act)

If I click on the desktop MalwareBytes icon same thing, no start, but in this case no taskbar Icon. When I go to re-install Malwarebytes I get a spinning blue circle and then an external exception error E06d7363 run time error at 79:177 and then the same error again at 69:252! This maybe be a separate issue from above though.

I did a google and didn't find anything close enough to what I'm experiencing!

thanks ahead of time, this is going to keep me from sleeping.