Another missing feature from Windows 8 is multiple desktops configuration (If I am wrong, people will soon put me right!)

I downloaded the Sysinternals Desktops.exe Desktops which works fine under XP and Windows 7, but is a partial failure under Windows 8

Click image for larger version

Although there are 4 desktops, all but the first have a black background which is not editable, and is dead - no mouse right click menu, no placement of files, no hot corners etc.

There is a transparent glass taskbar to which you can add toolbars, which if the folders contain programs or documents, the pop up menus work well, launching programs and documents. However the Taskbar is dead as far as icons, and the time is there, but not visible until the pointer hovers over where it should be, or it is clicked, when the set time and date applet appears. It is possible to drag items from the toolbars onto the taskbar and lose them in the favourites bar, which eventually I found under links>> chevrons, and the taskbar right-click menu is there with taskmanager to enable the launching of programs in the desktop.

Altogether a weird experience.