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Don't you just HATE these type of installs

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    Hafnarfjörđur IS
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    Don't you just HATE these type of installs

    Hi there

    Seems almost IMPOSSIBLE these days on Windows to get any sort of FREE SOFTWARE without needing a Doctorate in Computer Science (Ph.D) to ensure you only get the software or download Link you want.

    Now Ashampoo burning studio used to be excellent software in the days where physical burning of Disks was more common -- however if you try and download it NOW you get another piece of unwanted software --OK in this case it's not too horrible to spot it but websites these days seem to take real delight in hiding the REAL download link from myriads of "Green arrows, Video converters, Registry cleaners, and all sorts of other junk - including possible malware etc".

    Even after you've avoided installing the extra "junk" then you still get nagged often to "Go Pro" i.e PAY or get nag reminders about the "Features" you can unlock by upgrading - even if you aren't the slightest bit interested in this stuff.

    I dread the day when all these people turn their attention to Linux -- however creating install .deb / .rpm / etc packages that are loaded from reasonably well controlled repositories isn't as simple as creating a Windows .EXE file so we aren't likely to have this problem for a while yet --however if enough people start using Linux I suppose it will come eventually.

    Not surprised why people end up with loads of junk on their computers.

    CHECK CAREFULLY before clicking on ANYTHING when downloading free software. Fortunately Linux doesn't have this problem (yet !!).

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    I agree, installed/upgrade some free software on my pc recently

    there was about 3 additional pieces of software it wanted me to install and a couple of toolbars

    Custom Install and reading the screens very carefully while installing seems the way to go now, never do the recommended install
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    N. Calif
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    I don't like it but you can't really blame someone from trying to make money from the product they are giving away for free. I prefer the way things are done on the Android platform where there are apps that are free but include ads, often there is a paid version of the app that eliminates the ads.
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    Even MS is getting in on the act. I just installed Skype for desktop and it tried to change homepage to MSN and default search provider to bing...
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    Nearly all of the third party software that I use these days, I install using

    If you have never used, check it out. It's a list of open source/free 3rd party utilities. you simply click which things you want and it builds a custom install.exe for you. You double click that install, and it goes out and downloads the software automatically, gets 32 or 64bit depending upon what you need, agrees to license terms, does not install any extras that might come with that software and asks you absolutely nothing.

    And if you keep that install.exe around, you can click on it at any time in the future and it will update anything that is newer since the last time you ran it.

    I've been using for years at work and personally and it has NEVER, EVER let me down. One of my favorite tricks of the trade ever.
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    Before installing a new software, I always check, if it listed on Softpedia. They post only malware clean software and if the application is ad-supported. They do not even list my favorite KCSumo, because it's installer is full of junk, but it is still the best update checker out there with almost every soft available.
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    I also hate those installers which try make use of the fact that most people do not read carefully enough when installing a software. Unfortunately this won't change any time soon since the developers need to make some money out of their software and most people are not willing to pay even the smallest amount of money for a useful piece of software. Ads could be a solution but with ads comes also the problem that most ad supported programs not only display ads but also track the user of the software and tend to send personal data to some servers of some dubious ad company somewhere on this planet. What most people tend to forget ist the fact that even if the developer of a certain freeware does this as a hobby (which means he is actually ok with providing his/ her software for free) there is still the problem that traffic for download servers is costly and somebody has to pay for it. And if the users are not willing to pay for the software the developer has to look for alternatives to fund that traffic.
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    They're all jumping on the 'bandwagon'!

    Click image for larger version
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    Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
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    I all of it. Hiding the real download link on the page is bad enough. But putting what you want in a wrapper full of stuff you don't want pisses me off even more. Then they conveniently (for them) checkmark all the boxes to install a search engine, change your home page, add a toolbar, etc, etc. Give it a rest already. If I have to install some download manager just to get the file, guess what? I'm going somewhere else or using someone else's product. Rant over.
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    Hafnarfjörđur IS
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    Hi there.

    I saw a great word by one of the regular posters on W7 (A.Guy) called MALVERTISING !!

    This is another hideous trick done these days.

    It actually doesn't have to be so -- there's plenty of decent FREE open source software around where the pressure isn't always on making a few bucks -- what about all the LINUX free software -- "Malvertising" doesn't have seem to hit this OS yet - and there doesn't seem to be any diminution of people writing FREE OPEN SOURCE stuff either.

    New malvertising campaign hit visitors of several high-profile sites - Windows 7 Help Forums

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Don't you just HATE these type of installs
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