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    Mail App Problem


    I am using the main Mail app from the store and I am having the following 3 errors.

    Under where you can toggle between downloading new e-mail automatically or manually (in Settings>Accounts), it states that to choose an option other than manual I must go Settings>Permissions>Set Lock Screen to On. This is done yet it will not allow me to change. It was never set to off, I never had to change it to on so I'm unsure.

    I have a similar error in the same place. Under whether or not to show notifications for the mail app that I must have mail as a lock screen app and be showing notifications. Mail is a lock screen app and in PC Settings under Notifications everything is selected as on.

    Also, in Settings/Accounts when I change the e-mails to show from the last 30 days to forever, it syncs all of my e-mails but then when I have a look the next time (not sure of exact time period, possibly after a PC restart) it has reverted to 30 days.

    Thanks for any help in advance,


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    Hi there. You may want to run through this tutorial: Apps and Tiles Not Working or Responding: Fix in Windows 8
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Mail App Problem
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