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Crashed HD any recomendations for software to rebuild the

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    Crashed HD any recomendations for software to rebuild the


    I had a problem with one of my Hard Drives with Win7 and decided to use Win 8.1 till I sorted that problem, which went well until I shut down the system and booted the drive with Win8.1 on it, except it didn't boot.

    I went back to the Win7 drive and that drive had problems also.
    After checking I found the the boot system on both the drives were corrupted. However the drive that I am on now (also a Win7 drive) is working fine.

    What I need is some recomendations on software that can be booted off a DVD that can re-build the boot information on the Win8 and Win7 Drives (individualy). I would prefer Paid software as long as it is a reasonable cost.

    I need preferably single click operation as I am mentally lacking when it comes to boot sectors etc.
    I used to have a utility but have forgoton what it is called, with it you downloaded the software, made a bootable DVD and loaded the utility on to it, put the DVD into the drive and after it booted the system displayed a screen on the PC, and you just selected automatic and clicked enter and away it went and fixed the drive. There were other options but I didn't need them. I took the DVD out and the system worked lovely after that.

    That utility was for Windows 7 and I don't know if they had one for Windows 8 either, I wish I could remember the name but I can't.

    I hope someone here can advise on various software utilities that will do the job please
    Thanks in advance

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    Hi there.

    What's wrong with Windows recovery -- just boot up and go for Repair system.

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    Tried that

    Tried that, twice, and gave up twice, Windows Recovery just goes to sleep or in my case with Windows 8, just seams to hang......

    The first time I waited 45 mins, the second time 1.5 hours, I mean Win8 takes forever to install in the first place, but to just repair the boot sector, 15 mins is reasonable but 1.5 hours is ridiculous. I need software that works in a reasonable amount of time, and am happy to pay a reasonable amount for it, and sometimes Windows just doesn't work, or leaves you hanging in the air wondering if anything is going to start, with nothing to indicate that it is or not.
    Sad very sad, but that's Windows for you, most of the time its great, but when its not, you just have to wait for the next version to come out, in a year (maybe two) and hope they have fixed it, "this time"

    But thanks for the reply
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    Yeah, those stupid windows just can't get over the mess you made.
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Crashed HD any recomendations for software to rebuild the
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