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I can access browsers but Skype and steam won't open

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    I can access browsers but Skype and steam won't open

    I can access all my browsers but things like Skype and Steam won't open I was having a problem with a program yesterday that unpacked in the temp folder incorrectly and I have been trying to fix that since then I had to work yesterday or I would have resorted to something like this much sooner I am told that my hard drive needs repaired when I try to do a system restore on it to before I had the problem but I do scan and repair and it does nothing I have done scan and repair several times and right now I am using avast for my virus protection and I turned off my firewalls so those aren't a problem I am running a scan with avast right now for the full system but I'm not positive if it will bring up the error so that I can fix it I don't have a restore disk it didn't come with one when I got it and it is set to only do a refresh or recovery with a restore disk after I sent it to the company for a problem that it would randomly shut off when not plugged in and was fully charged I

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    If your using both metro versions, try the desktop version...
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I can access browsers but Skype and steam won't open
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