Somehow I do not like the Xbox Music App. It is quite slow sometimes, and I have to click around a lot to navigate my huge music collection. Might work well with smaller archives. For my tablet I need a touch friendly player, so only Store Apps are an option.

First I tried the "VLC" Beta. But while it can play music, I did not find it very convenient. It is clearly focused on movie playback.

Right now I am using "Music Mode". It works quite well for me. Playlist building etc is quite easy and the UI is nice. The screenshots look kind of boring but they do not do the app justice - it has some very nice animations that make using it quite fun. The good thing is that it displays artists/tags, albums, selected album and optionally the current playlist on one page. So I do not constantly have to switch back and forward between pages, like in Xbox Music. I might even use it on my desktop to replace Winamp (switching between Winamp and Windows Explorer is also quite annoying). Ah, FLAC is also supported, which is a nice addition.

Do you have any other recommendations? I could not find many music players in the store. Most of them are either crappy or they only play cloud music. I want to play my own collection instead.