When my Windows 8.1 desktop boots up, I like that it goes into the Modern UI menu first (that's
the way I have it set in the settings). I think the Modern UI looks cool.

But, when I am in desktop mode, I was missing the start menu so I tried the app. StartIsBack.

Gives a dandy start menu and seems to work excellent EXCEPT no matter what setting I change in
Windows, it boots directly into the desktop.

I might have to do a system restore to a recent backup, save the registry out, then install
StartIsBack and compare the two registry outputs for differences.

Anyone know of any other way besides the documented way (right click on the task bar, go to proerties
and tick or untick the box that says boot directly into desktop or however its worded) to get it to
boot into the Modern UI screen?

****Update*** I figured it out. Right click on the Start Orb and go into settings/properties. Doh!