Hello All!

I just installed Media Center on my 8.1 Pro laptop earlier and I am trying to figure a few things out. I looked for a good online guide to MC but I couldn't find one...

First question, how do I get rid of Netflix from the Movies section and why is it there in the first place? I cancelled my Netflix account just 1 week ago and I don't want to see their crap again.

Click image for larger version

When I tried to add video libraries (Tasks->Settings->Media Libraries->Video) it only had the option to add a folder:

Click image for larger version

I want to add libraries from the web, places like YouTube, Amazon, PBS, BBC, etc. These are not local folders on my machine obviously.

Can anyone tell me how do I add online libraries to Media Center for 8.1 Pro? Also, if anyone knows a good website for learning the basics of WMC please post a link!

Thank you.