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Windows Store Game Apps cannot connect to internet

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    Windows Store Game Apps cannot connect to internet


    For some reasons, unknown by me, i try to access multiplayer mode on my gaming apps that allows online access will not connect to the internet. It tells me that i am not connected to the internet when i am clearly connected to it. My internet is through router and it works fine; i can access my browser just surfing the web. Its just this specific thing that i desire to fix badly. Any help will take.

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    It depends on each game. During the first run, if it tries to connect to an outside resource, your Windows firewall may block it. A dialogue box should pop up on your Desktop asking permission for that app to open up certain ports. Now, that's just your Windows firewall. Depending on your router type, it needs permission setup as well.

    Give us the name of one or 2 games that you are trying to run.
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    I have a G54 Netgear Router and i am trying to play Blitz Brigade & DH4 (Dungeon Hunter). It doesnt ask permission through firewall, i even tried disabling it. My router is setup from the instructions i found on other websites to let game apps connect to the internet but it didnt work; i am using DHCP host, broadcast, QoS is turned off, and is password protected.
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Windows Store Game Apps cannot connect to internet
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